woah welcome to my site which is known about me !!! .




hii my name is kade or anything (if i know) fyi i love listening to music (kpop) and i love drawing which is one of my hobbies btw, i use any pronouns but ask. i am gndrfluqid, i am have bad spelling so please be mind of that other wise, i play games such as hsr (honkai star rail) genshin? and roblox. bmf if you like !!, it i love the song ASAP by newjeans (you should listen to it if you wantted to) !! to summarise my name is kade , i use any pronouns fyi


BEFORE YOU FOLLOW: loves Talking online , playing games w my friends , drawing digitally & irl , watching yt , listening to music SPOTIFY , plays hsr, says kms and kys jokes not directed to anyone, listens to kpop, likes to watch crime documentarys (cause idk, cause i like documentarys). i like making servers listening to music (ik i said that already) and my hobbies are drawing if you ever wanted to know about that but ok!


PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT INTERACT WITH ME IF YOU ARE racist, rcta/ecta, homophobic, toxic people, furries, islamphobic, transphobic , toxic bts/kpop fan, ||fatshames|| , ||asks people to slit||, uses kys in the next level, dni if 21+, or -12 (under the age of 12) arguement starter, very judgemental , and is annoying, i really disklike myself (im joking dw), i highly dislike proshippers those mfs think that shipping old people and kid characters is valid (which never will be!), blink/bts army (idrk about it) but yeah